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Numero Two at Mountanne.

MaLuna invited me to their next show at this venue called "Mountanne Music House". It was literally a house with a music space in the basement. It's really cool that the owners of the house did something like this because the atmosphere is chill and fun and people can be whatever they want. I asked my brother and his girlfriend to come for backup because I felt a little sketched out at first but I had a feeling it would all be okay. And it was! All the patrons were really respectful and polite, the bands were not overly loud, it was all quite organised. My main issue here was lighting. Oh boy. It was just red and white Christmas lights. You can see from my photos (the graininess) I had to amp up my ISO high to get visible images. But I consider my photos to be slightly on the artistic side, so consider the grain "film grain".. ~aesthetic~. I'm actually quite happy about how most photos turned out and the bands liked them just as much! and again, they were enthusiastic about having a photographer around. The second band, Controversial Sharks, has asked me if I wanna shoot FOUR shows in May! Hell yes! More portfolio work for me! : ) I love this job, well... I hope it can be my job; main source of income. More to come!

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