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Mountanne, 3rd shoot.

Since my first shoot at MountAnne, the guys who own the place had asked me to be their house photographer?! I guess literally in this case, a HOUSE photographer! Of course I obliged as I need as many opportunities as possible to get my portfolio as perfect as possible! The next show at Mountanne came April 29th with the house's own Honeypool, then Hungry for Vladimir, and then British Columbia's Lovers Touch. The house put up an extra lamp light for me. It was better but I think there's something else we could use. The crowd was much smaller than last time but still it was all good vibes as the music started. Unfortunately, Lovers Touch got cut short because the house got a noise complaint from surrounding neighbours... whoops! Since my first shoot there, another venue, Starlight, finally got back to me after a couple months. They said I can be their house photographer as well!!! I am choosing my first shoot at their place with the Teenage Head show this Saturday... if they get me on the guest list. Now this is really exciting because not only do Teenage Head have a predominant place in punk music in Canada (which I hadn't known until recently), but they're opening or Billy Talent on June 3rd! In theory, if I shoot TH, then is that a door to shooting for one of my favourtie bands?! Maybe! Either way I feel super cool about shooting Teenage Head! The Controversial Sharks have a show tomorrow and every Thursday in May so I have plenty of opportunity there for photos. ALSO back in February, I emailed a whole bunch of festivals in Ontario to see if I could volunteer to shoot the shows. One finally got back to me; Hillside Festival. They take place at Guelph Conservation Area. I signed up as a volunteer photography so I have my first festival to look forward to in July! (I also have my Thirty Seconds to Mars & Muse show in July so I'm already pumped as FUCK for that!) So many exciting things coming through this job :D

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