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At the Mountanne #3

It seems I've had an unintentional break from photography from May 25th until June 17th! I was supposed to have a couple shows in Toronto in the first full week of June but for the first one I was sick, and the second one, the people who I was going with bailed! Oh well, I knew more was to come.

My friends MaLuna was at the Mountanne again, then Fonfur, and the headliner King's Limit who were debuting their new EP.

All artists can be found on

Now today as I write this, I have my first Toronto gig! MaLuna invited me and one of the guys from Fonfur had another band called Manshun and he's playing there so yay more people I know the better! I hope the other bands are cool with me shooting.

More photos to come : )

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