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First Toronto Shoot.

BANDS: The Last Internationale, Sleeperz, Manshun, MaLuna, and Lampshades.

Oh those good guys MaLuna, they brought me to the Mountanne Music House, next the brought me to the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto! Not only did I know them that night, but I met a couple guys at Mountanne who are in another band who'd play that night in Toronto!

So I did my usual car in Oakville and train to Toronto ordeal and I made it to the Horseshoe like almost 2 hours early! whoops! It's cool though, I had time to dial down my anxiety and stuff. I was pretty nervous, I felt like I had to vomit, but I took myself to the bathroom and calmed myself down.

The night then started with the most popular band The Last Internationale. I must have shot my first 500 photos in their half-hour set! They were quick moving people so I guess I had to shoot like crazy!

Sleeperz came on, then it was the band with a couple people I know from it Manshun, they were cool, had good stage presence. MaLuna next who are always funky and fun! and last was Lampshades who were another kind of, hmm.. okay I'll stay and shoot.

I must have gotten home by like 2:30am, I feel like I'm still recovering from that shoot haha.

Also MaLuna were nice enough to pay me a little bit of money for shooting them a few times now and coming all the way to Toronto for their set, soo nice!! : )

I reached out to all the bands and sent them my photos a couple days after. The Last Internationale with a following of 42k on Facebook and nearly 8k on Instagram, shared my photos on both platforms!! It was very exciting for me to imagine so many people being able to see my photos.

A very positive experience in Toronto, hoping to visit more often!!

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