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Sham 69 w/The Brains + 2.

BANDS: The Wormwood Scrubs, The Nasties, The Brains, and Sham 69.

The day RIGHT after an exhausting evening in Toronto, I was shooting 4 PUNK bands. I stormed through like a champ and I'm glad I did! I got some really good shots, especially of The Brains!

Everything went quite as usual, but one things that sticks out from the night was when the lead singer of Sham 69 was he was taking digs at people in the crowd... including me! Haha, he was talking about how my clapping sucked or something but then he said [...] You're beautiful [...]. I didn't know what else he was saying because his British accent was so heavy!

Then I had the drummer and double bassist of The Brains chat with me after which was cool, they seem really nice! The next day, I looked into their material. I'm not so sure if I'm a fan of "psychobilly" (their genre of music), but I think they have something pretty cool going on!

They shared my photo (left) with credit on instagram and they liked my pics on their individual instagrams!

I'm SO happy when bands take my photos, put it on their instagrams with my credit. Not only does it help me out with exposure, but it just feels like they really like my images!

Also check out The Brains video for "The Witch" cuz it's well shot and has a cool concept!

Tonight I'm photographing The Skints from the UK. Again at Starlight,

More to come!

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