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Controversial Sharks w/Death Party Playground + Downturns

Well I felt like I was getting rusty with putting myself out there with shooting shows, so I took it upon myself to shoot the locals including perhaps my most photographed band, the Controversial Sharks. Death Party Playground opened up, following them was Downturns and then the final was the Sharks.

This venue was very fun as it had lots of windows so I played with the reflections and stickers on the windows to make for some interesting compositions.

Behind the scenes this past month between shoots, I've been looking for publications to hire me for paid or voluntary work. I've applied to 3 and have got two no's and 1 yes! It's Quip magazine and it's voluntary, but all the experience I get the better, so I'm looking forward to what shows they can provide me with : )

On a personal note... 2 of my favourite bands have released music.... Brand New has released their first LP in 8 YEARS and it's probably some of their best work to date. If not, THE best. I'm listening literally right now and it's perfect for them, a mix of everything they've done. However they're coming to an end in the coming year, but I'm so glad I've had the privileged to see them live twice, both equally mind-blowing. Hoping for a third to hear this masterpiece live.

My second other favourite band, Thirty Seconds to Mars have released their first single from the upcoming 5th album and.......................

I'm hugely disappointed. Almost no instrumentation from the band, repetitive lyrics and themes, and annoying oh-ohs. I'm not giving up on them since I know what their made of. I know the powerhouse they can be. Hope they snap out of it soon. If not then, I love their impact on my life and I hope for happiness for them, no hate. But I'm disappointed.

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