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Austra w/ Ela Minus

It'd had been nearly a month since I last photographed a band. In the beginning of September, I reached out to good ol' Starlight and looked for shows to take photos of. I figured I needed to get my photo social media more alive. Starlight seemed to be quite hyped for Austra and I heard she played at Elora Riverfest (who MGMT headlined) so I figured she was getting noticed.

The day came and I shot the show and WOW! She's got really cool music and a great concert setting. The strobe lighting was a bit much, but it added to the vibe. Really great set. I'm going to check out her stuff more.

Also future shooting news! I've been reaching out to magazines and I have 2 shows in Toronto from them. I do voluntary work for Spill and Quip magazine. With Spill, I do reviews too; albums and live shows. In October, Spill has hooked me up with a photo pass for Moses Sumney at Mod Club. Then Quip magazine hooked me up with somebody much bigger. Bigger band and venue than I ever anticipated at this stage of my career: LCD Soundsystem at the freakin AIR CANADA CENTRE!!! It's just the 3 song rule BUT STILL. Hoping it's a foot in the door!

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