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Huron Rocks w/Controversial Sharks & Dayz

Nearly a week after photographing Austra, the guys at Dayz contacted me to come out to Wingham to shoot them at his colleague's birthday festival. Then once Controversial Sharks saw I was shooting Dayz, they asked me to shoot them too.

I was already in Goderich at the trailer with my parents so I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal to drive 40 minutes for the shoot. I had no idea how this "festival" was going to pan out and I didn't feel comfortable in the middle of no where without somebody so I dragged my parents with me.

We got there and it seemed like a field party with a truck as a stage, which I thought was creative. So not only was Dayz and CS there, but the guys from the Mountanne House (aka: Honeypool) were performing and they got me to film their songs so no pics of them found here!

I got more comfortable as the bands I was shooting came one and I did my shooting thing! here they are!

Moses Sumney at the Mod Club coming next week!!

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