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Moses Sumney w/Angelo De Augustine

My live review for Toronto's Spill Magazine [x]

This was my first live review for a magazine. I had a pretty long day of travelling doing my usual drive to Oakville and train to Toronto, then using the subway to get to the venue. For my anxiety, I was quite anxious, but I think less than my first Toronto shoot at the Horseshoe Tavern. Nevertheless, still had my symptoms.

I had the three song limit for this show, although I think no one would have given a fuck if I had taken more photos. But I decided to stick by the rules so I don't get "fired" or kicked out. There was no photo pit so I had to weave in and out of the crowd which bothered some people. I had two distinct looks I got: I had one woman where I passed by her more than one and she rolled her eyes at me... hard. Then I moved to the back to get some wide shots and I had one woman say, "Seriously?". I've seen more etiquette at rock shows. And this was a quiet show, maybe that's why it was bothersome. But still, people are going to move, get the fuck over it. It pissed me off, but I can expect it to happen at more places without photo pits.

I was so tired, but Moses was wonderful. He has a very niche voice that once your hear it, you know it's him. I stayed for his song "Make Out In My Car" and left. I've never left a show early. It's disrespectful but I was exhausted and I had only a three song limit so I thought fuck it. Especially with those women pissing me off.

Unfortunately, I think my photos from this shoot are shit except for maybe two.

Next show is this upcoming Saturday from typing this blog. The Mountanne moved houses and they're having a housewarming party with the Controversial Sharks and two others. Then I might be photographing a band whose opening for the frikin Silversun Pickups!! They're called Minus The Bear. But omg if I get to shoot SSPU, or even just see them for free, that'd be fab. But I have a feeling it might just be MTB. And again, I still have LCD Soundsystem to photograph at the ACC in December. Hoping that's my foot in the door.

More to come!

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