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Housewarming at new Mountanne Location.

BANDS: AntiSocial Surf Club, Controversial Sharks, and Boyscout

I haven't been to the Mountanne Music House since about August. That is because they planned to move due to them getting complaints by neighbours. They moved from Waterloo to Kitchener quite closer to me. The house is nice because it's turn of the century which I quite like. Reminds me of Hamilton.

The day of I had a fever and a low mental health day so I wasn't try extraordinarily to get amazing shots, but I got some good ones.

As for the Controversial Sharks, Matt (the lead guitarist) is leaving the band! He plans to work on some other projects and I wish him the best of luck and the Sharks are able to find a quick replacement. I think they're really great. If I didn't think otherwise, I probably wouldn't have photographed them so much!

More to come ~

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