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Elbow w/ C Duncan.

SHOT FOR SPILL MAGAZINE, my live review [x]

This was my second magazine shoot at all and with Spill Magazine. So for this one I technically never got a confirmation email, however I thought I was all good to go just because my editor wrote "TAKEN!!" on the Facebook page.

I did my usual route from KW to Toronto with the half drive/half train business. Then of course subway to the venue which in this case was The Danforth Music Hall. I got there and I requested my media pass, but I'm on some other list so they give me tickets instead of a pass. The security guard was confused so we went back to will call and they were like "oh she was on another list" so then into the venue I went. I walked over to pit access and the security guard asked for my wristband. I didn't have one so I went back to get one and they wouldn't give me one because I never was confirmed. However they told me I had full coverage of the show from the crowd. Into the crowd I went and oh BOY how annoying I felt. Especially when I asked these people at the barrier if I could squeeze into the front because I didn't have pit access and they were like "uh, NO." So I stayed in my spot, I might have teared up a bit. I shot for like half an hour because everything was just all over the place and I was pooped and had a long way home.

The next day I ask my editor why this might have been and he said they didn't communicate quick enough and I shouldn't have gone until I got a confirmation. WHOOPS. So here's my photos.

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