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Slow Magic w/OmniBoi + Qrion.

SHOT FOR QUIP MAGAZINE, Review by Kateryna Topol [x]

pictrured: first image is Slow Magic. Qrion, OmniBoi, then the rest of the Slow Magic images.

November 9th was a looong day. It started off with helping my Grandma and aunt in Guelph. My aunt broke her foot and is in recovery, and my Grandma had a hip surgery and is recovering from that. My day started at 8am to drive to Guelph where I helped them out and drove around town until quarter to 3. I drove earlier because we were expecting a snow or flash freeze. I made it to Toronto by 4:30 so I had 4 hours to kill before meeting my editor. I went to the mall, chatted with some dude who thought he was going to get into my pants, then I went to the Horseshoe Tavern to shoot the show! Then the ride back was stressful due to the blizzard that came along. I got home by 3am. I was awake for 19 hours.

I don't think these are any of my best pictures to date, but there are a few good ones. On Sunday I'm photographing the SILVERSUN PICKUPS! I've been listening to them since 2009 so that's my first shoot for a band I know! And I'm shooting their opener Minus The Bear. Those images are shot for Spill Magazine.

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