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Silversun Pickups w/Minus The Bear

SHOT FOR SPILL MAGAZINE. Live review here [x]

Holy shit. I can't believe I've gotten to photograph a band I actually listen to!! It was a thrill for the 15 minutes I was photographing them. I was even able to sing a song I know while photographing! If you want a more detailed account of the show, please look at my live review on Spill's website in the link above in the x.

I was quite nervous because I got rattled earlier by waiting almost an hour, just minutes before Minus The Bear came on, to get my photo pass. What you won't know through my review, was the song Panic Switch was fuckin HYYYPPPEE. I kinda teared up of happiness! I've known about SSPU since 2009 and they own some of my favourite songs of all time such as, Three Seed and Panic Switch. This whole thing was amazing and I hope they come back to Toronto again so I could just see them!

Next show might just be the one at the ACC in December!

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