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Bananarama's First Toronto Show Ever.


Wow! For once I got through the door with no complication with Spill! I swear like 4/5 times I shot for them, I wasn't immediately on the list until like the last second; even when I've been confirmed.

I had a pretty smooth time with this show. I had some extra positive points too! Aside from getting through the door with no problems, I decided to take my Polaroid Cube action camera, attach it to the top of my flash (it's magnetic) and take video of the POV of the camera shooting part of a song!! I want to add it to my documentary, or photography YouTube channel. The footage looks suuuper cool! Then as I was exiting the Danforth around 10pm, I saw one of the photographer's from the pit at the back still taking images. I asked him if that's allowed and he's like DUH YES lol. The 3 song limit is not just for the entire show, it's just for the pit. OOOOOOOH. Hahaha. So I got on the balcony and shot some awesome wide shot in the nearly 100 year old venue!

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