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Matt & Kim

SHOT FOR QUIP MAGAZINE as a part of Canadian Music Week [X--]

Been a while! Sorry I was in Europe seeing Thirty Second to Mars 4 times ;D I did 2 meet n greets, seen Shannon in public and got a hug, and Jared recognizes me cuz he said "nice to see you again." So yeah. Been a bit busy. ;P An of course did sightseeing with nature, Harry Potter things in the UK and hung out with my friends and family.

So my second week being home has been crazy and I really overbooked myself, but I think I can handle it. I started my week off with Matt & Kim as seen above. I've known about them since 2010 and so this was a really fun throwback! And WOW they're so fun live! They are so excited and surprisingly raunchy. There were boobs, talking about Kim's wide vagina, and Matt thrusting to some hip-hop. They are so cute and if they're back in Toronto I'll see just for fun!

Tonight I have The Used here in KW! Which is another great throwback, even though I only know one song. Then Friday I should have Alice Glass which I booked with 2 magazines : | Whoops!

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