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B&W EDITION: cleopatrick w/ Ready The Prince, dubé

SHOT AND REVIEWED FOR SOUNDBITES MEDIA [X] (also coloured photos on Soundbites!)

Oh.. my god ya'll. Here it is, Canada's next best thing. I found them on Facebook, looking for new shows to shoot in December. Cleo was on the day before and on my 24th birthday. So I just hopped over to Spotify and had a couple listens to their EP "the boys" and DAYUM. I was hooked. They're so good!! (if you like Royal Blood, Brand New, guitar driven music, CHECK IT!!) I requested them instantly and was good to go for their December 8th show.

I had as much access as I wanted to shoot the show so I went HAM on every moment worth getting. I was so caught between jamming and shooting, but I had a job to do. I also got to take portraits of cleo and dube, but I missed Ready The Prince T__T sorry ya'll!! Those are my first band portraits actually. At first I was nervous about taking them, but it's pretty easy to use the venue, instruments, or stage decor for the subjects to engage with. I think doing that brings out a band's character. With the pics during the show, I was inspired by Adam DeGross and his legendary punk photos to capture moments of the show. I am quite pleased with these photos and I will continue to follow their music and shows!

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