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New Rock Mafia, Toronto Secret Show.

SHOT FOR... myself :D

YO, NRM is where it's at folks!!

New Rock Mafia is a collective of rock bands from Ontario, brought together by their iconic back to back shows at the Jam Factory in Toronto (which I was at,woo!) who believe in authentic rock music. The line up of dubé, Ready The Prince, and cleo-.... wait actually cleopatrick unfortunately wasn't able to perform. Lead singer and guitarist Luke was sick ad felt it was best to rest as they would be heading off to Europe in the coming week. Cleo promised a free show to all attendees of the Toronto show to make up for it.

Even with that initial disappointment, fans were ready to go hard for the other two bands. It was a wild time. With the fact that I wasn't shooting for a publication, I just kind of let go and shot whatever I wanted with flash and my wide angle.

It turned out SO well though! All the bands shared and praised my photos and I'm just so excited for them and their future. Can't wait for cleo soon tho :D

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