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CMW 2019: Tokyo Police Club + The Dirty Nil.


I def went for The Nil :D Got merch too. They're opening for Alexisonfire in a month so hopefully I get that gig!

Tbh my photos are meh... CMW drained me quite a bit with all the commuting I did. Staying in Hamilton helped out a bit the last couple of days, good to know I always have that option.

TPC... I only know one song from like 10 years ago which is a shame cuz their whole set was really fun!

With all the driving and commuting I do, I blasted TDN in my car a lot over the winter and just found them so fun to sing along too, and the rock n roll vibe is awesome. So there's a possibility I could see them like 3 more times haha. I hope I shoot them again, I want better pics of them >.<

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