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New Swears at the Monarch Tavern.


Thanks Listen Harder PR for asking my to come take photos of this party!!

Omg tho I had my first case of misogyny happen at this gig :o

I was shooting with flash because I had asked prior to the show and they were cool with it. So I was shooting away when this other photographer guy fucking puts his hand on my gear and lowers my camera, gives me a "no no no" nodding and I'm like yo, I'm allowed and he's like "well if you're allowed then I'm allowed. So motherfucker goes and does his shit. I'm doing mine. Then he's standing behind/beside me talking to some guy and I hear him say "I normally don't do flash, it's basically cheating" like acting as if I'm doing "the easy" way or "shortcut" of photography. Like fuck off, I'm using my resources, I'm allowed, AND I know from experience that in a dim bar with red and blue lighting, flash with save your pictures and you'll be able to "get the moments" better.

MOTHER FUCKER TOUCHED MY GEAR WHILE I WAS OPERATING IT. If I were a guy, he wouldn't have dared.

My photos are dope so fuck that guy. Good luck getting anywhere bud.

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