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Enter Shikari w/ Can't Swim


It's been a roller coaster since my last post, but in summary, my beautiful childhood cat Hey-you passed away :'''''''''(, my brother got engaged, and I finally moved to Toronto! So this was my first gig since August and well... I'm a bit rusty. This opp came up from Spill and I was really surprised no one took this because ES is popular in the UK and Europe, so I was like ok, I need ALL the gigs now that I'm in Toronto. 1 out of 6 gigs done for October!

Also my trinity of 2019 is going to happen again, I mean, not so tightly together like back in June, but still within a couple months of each other. I'm photographing PUP again in Guelph for Hillside festival hehe (perks of connections) I got tickets to see the Nil, but requested to shoot in anyway because I want better pics. And then cleo is part of this Indie88 party so I could prob just ask them to get me in to get pics of them. It sold out soo quickly, I was going to get tickets originally. Fingers crossed!

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