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The Dirty Nil w/ Single Mothers, Dear-God


So funny thing. I requested to shoot their Toronto show as I now live in Toronto. But their PR people said it was completely full for media. So I was like... well I'm not doing anything tomorrow, maybe I can do London, Ontario? So I got the yes for that! From there, I trained home to KW, next day I went to London, shot the gig. Then next day I trained back to Toronto where I photographed another gig.

I'm pretty happy with these photos, not amazed, but happy. I'm going to be seeing them next week sans camera cuz the Toronto show is going to be a rager : ) And I'll probably see lots of people I usually bump into at gigs which makes for a nice happy family gathering haha.

Also I know the band reads everything about them so I'm like... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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