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cleopatrick, Ready The Prince and Heaps SOLD OUT The Danforth

What a glorious night in the midst of the world's madess. cleo-FUCKING-patrick, Ready the FUCKING Prince, and Heaps! Three years ago almost to the day, I saw cleo and RTP in a small event space above a safe on the east side with about 50 people. Back then I knew something really special was brewing and I am so lucky to have found them when I did and have been following them every since. It goes to show that this band is making it without the PR and gimmicks, it's really just the music. A rare but amazing sight.

At the Danforth this past Saturday, I got to see all the faces I usually see at gigs and say hi to everyone I wanted to. I got to mosh for the first time in almost two years. It was incredibly cathartic and to photograph and take videos for it was just the cherry on the top. My game plan for shooting the show was to gain access and photograph as a professional with media, but I also brought my compact camera to get those flashy mosh shots; the loophole into getting flash photography as media. I mean I just HAD to. The mosh shots just really capture why cleo and RTP are one of the best bands out there right now. It's all about the music they made and how it relates to the people. Now one day I hope to have full camera access and get pro mosh shots.

I also shot some video with the compact camera and my Polaroid cube for "mosh POV" I still have to edit a video together which will be fun! Like I said, I knew this band was going to make it. Hope to photograph their tours in the future some day, a girl can dream.

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