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First "Post-Pandemic" Gig! TNB at Bovine Sex Club

After 576 days (Oct 1 2021), I unexpectedly got to shoot my first show in over a year and a half! TNB (Theoretically Nameless Band) is a ska-punk band whose drummer I know from waaay back in my early shooting days with his old band Controversial Sharks. As shows have slowly been coming back, I got the message that they needed a back up photographer and then I was called.

It's definitely a lot of anxiety being around a lot of people again after almost 2 years of only being with my boyfriend and occasionally my immediate family and group hangs. I had social anxiety already coming into my own before the virus came so everything got ramped up as everything became so isolated. It's like I'm starting from ground zero all over again. But it's much better than ground zero, still have lots of connections. However, putting myself out there is kind of a struggle still, just out of practice with socializing. I gotta start slow and not rush into it.

The show felt really good to do. I'm way more motivated to go out and find my style and succeed because the reality of shows being back is amazing. I also have my updated gear that I got over the pandemic. Went from a Canon 60D to a Canon 6D Mk II. Not quite ready for the big change to mirrorless as I have been Canon DSLR loyal for 12 years now. The quality of my images is also super motivating.

I think the biggest gig coming up is cleopatrick headlining the Danforth on Dec 11. I hope to photograph, if it doesn't work out for some reason, maybe I'll make a sick fan video. It's crazy that even 3 years later I'm still here wanting to be their tour photographer. I still just want to capture their authentic journey into success and be a part of showing the world how sick their shows are and the people who attend them. It's really going to be a family reunion feeling at this gig.


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